If you have food commitment issues, like I do, then eat cupcakes.

img_0957The issue with food love is that sometimes you want to try one of everything, but you don’t have the funds, the time, or the room in your belly to do so. This is why I like to try restaurants with my parents; I can find three items on the menu that I want to try, have my parents order two of them and order the third for myself. I can then eat off of my parents’ plates as well as my own and I don’t have to commit to just one entrée. (Warning: It’s a little awkward to try this with your coworkers or business clients. And if you try it with your kids, they may exclaim a little too loudly, “Mom! Stop eating my food!” And then you have to pretend not to see the glares from other patrons. Let my lesson learned be your prevention.)

When it comes to sweets, cupcakes are the perfect solution to the food-commitment problem because, unlike cake, you don’t have to commit to just one flavor. Instead, you can buy half a dozen cupcakes, each a different flavor, and eat half of each. Your friend can eat the other half of each cupcake. If you don’t have a friend who will do this with you, then you need new friends. Call me.

And, yes, I realize that six halves of cupcakes equal three whole cupcakes…but three cupcakes equal only one (generous) slice of cake, and there’s nothing wrong with eating one slice of cake.

Although I encourage sharing your cupcakes with others, I do need to be honest with you img_0958and let you know that if there happens to be one particularly amazing cupcake out of the half dozen or so that you picked out, things may get a little tense. Once I stopped at a Sprinkles Cupcakes store with my mom. We picked out six cupcakes in five different flavors. The key lime flavor was offered that day, and something deep inside us (our food intuition) told us to get more than one key lime cupcake. While our food intuition was correct, we still failed by only buying two.

After Mom and I had sampled the flavors, we both decided that key lime was the best. Not just the best Sprinkles flavor, but the best cupcake. Ever. We each had eaten half of one, so only one was left. We tried to be polite. I wanted to let her have it…you know, because she’s my mom. But I couldn’t be sincere. We were now miles from Sprinkles Cupcakes, and the cupcake locator told us there would be no more stores in our vicinity on our trip…and we both wanted the entire cupcake.

img_0974Dear readers, don’t let this happen to you. If you stop at Sprinkles Cupcakes on a key-lime day, in addition to whatever other flavors you pick out, buy a dozen of the key lime flavor, or just buy them all. You won’t regret it. Perhaps you can freeze them for an otherwise cupcake-less day. Trust me on this. Have I let you down yet?

For my local readers, we are blessed with a delightful selection of quality cupcakes. Confections, the adorable bakery in downtown Lufkin, is one of my favorite places to visit. I usually buy several flavors of cupcakes and (occasionally) share them with my husband. Anything confections3with chocolate at Confections is delicious, but if you’re looking for something different, try the banana pudding cupcake. It’s like having your cake and eating banana pudding, too…an instant solution to the desire to eat multiple desserts.